GE Energy Consulting Overview

3 ABOUT GE ENERGY CONSULTING For nearly a century, a core group of leading GE technical and business experts have focused their energies on solving the electric power industry’s most pressing challenges—driving the evolution of electric power systems with greater affordability, reliability, and efficiency by providing techno-economic solutions. Today, GE’s Energy Consulting team continues this tradition by providing innovative solutions across the entire spectrum of power generation, delivery, and utilization.With our cross-company resources, GE’s Energy Consulting business is able to serve a diverse global client base with a strong local presence. Our Heritage Industry Pioneers who literally “wrote the book” on how to engineer and operate the interconnected electrical system we know today… CHARLES STEINMETZ EDITH CLARKE CHARLES CONCORDIA • Was First woman professionally employed as an electrical engineer in the U.S. • She was the first person to publish a mathematical examination of power lines longer than 300 miles. • Invented the math that was the first step leading to the smart grid. • Joined GE in 1926 and in the 1940’s became Energy Consulting & GE’s consultant to public utilities. • Focused on large scale computing devices to model the economic and technical operations of the large-scale grid systems. • Authored 1944 paper “Steady State Stability of Synchronous Machines as Affected by Voltage- Regulator Characteristics”, one of the most cited papers in the utility industry. The concepts in this paper are now represented and used worldwide as part of EC’s PSLF software • Was One of the first employees of General Electric; started Energy Consulting in 1915 (named “Central Station Engineering”). • Developed the theories and mathematical equations behind alternating current (AC).