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Concorda PSLF Simulation Engine

Effective power system analysis often requires large-scale simulations and manipulation of large volumes of data. When performing these analyses, efficient algorithms are just as important as the engineering models in which the data is used. GE Energy Consulting recognizes these imperatives, and has developed Concorda PSLF. The algorithms in the PSLF suite have been developed to handle large utility-scale systems of up to 80,000 buses. A complete set of tools allows the user to switch smoothly between data visualization, system simulation, and results analysis.

Concorda PSLF ProvisoHD

ProvisoHD is a software tool that enables users to quickly and visually analyze post-contingency data produced by SSTOOLS. Reliability standards are driving planning engineers to analyze a larger number of contingencies. As a result, SSTOOLS output files can be very large (multiple GB) and fast, efficient analysis of results is critical. ProvisoHD has become the standard post-processing tool for engineers performing analysis with SSTOOLS.

Concorda PSLF Dynamic Tools

The Dynamic Analysis Tools package for Concorda PSLF allows users to perform transient stability analysis for multiple events on cases containing up to 80,000 buses. This tool can be run in batch mode, allowing the execution of multiple dynamic simulations without requiring user interaction.

A new dynamic contingency analysis tool has been created called DYTOOLS-HD.  DYTOOLS-HD analysis tools is a program designed to assist planning engineers in the batch processing of dynamic stability simulations.  The input format allows engineers to define contingencies in plain terms very similar to SSTOOLS and does not require the use of EPCL. This is the major advantage of DYTOOLS.

Concorda PSLF Steady State Analysis Tools

The Steady State Analysis Tools package for Concorda PSLF allows users to perform traditional thermal and voltage analysis, static voltage stability analysis and transfer limit analysis. Thousands of contingencies can be simulated in each run. SSTOOLS offers users tremendous flexibility and has become the Steady State Contingency Analysis Tool of choice for PSLF.

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