Concorda MARS Engine

The Concorda MARS engine enables electric utility planners to quickly and accurately assess the ability of a power system, comprised of a number of interconnected areas, to adequately satisfy customer load requirements. Based on a full sequential Monte Carlo simulation, MARS performs a chronological hourly simulation of the system, comparing the hourly load demand in each area to the total available generation in the area, which has been adjusted to account for planned maintenance and randomly occurring forced outages. Areas with excess capacity will provide emergency assistance to deficient areas, subject to transfer limits between the areas.

Concorda MARS Engine for HPC

Large reliability studies can take a significant amount of time to process on standard desktop hardware. To address this issue, we have created Concorda MARS HPC. Rather than running through the entire study on one machine, we automatically split the study up into blocks and send each block to a separate machine/node. This allows the work to be done in parallel, greatly reducing the amount of time required for a single study. Once processed, the data is then merged, allowing the user to view the results of the study as if it had been executed on a single machine.

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