Power Systems and Energy Courses

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Course offerings listed below:

Power Systems Engineering

  • Power Systems Fundamentals
  • Power System Analysis & Symmetrical Components
  • Transmission Planning and Analysis
  • Surge Analysis & Equipment Application
  • Reactive Power Compensation & Voltage Control
  • Protective Relaying Fundamentals

Power System Planning and Advanced Applications

  • Synchronous Machine Fundamentals
  • Power System Dynamics
  • Smart Grid: Substation/Distribution Automation
  • Power Electronic Applications in Transmission
  • Distribution Systems Planning and Engineering

Energy Economics, Strategic Planning and Emerging Technologies

  • Power Economics
  • Strategic Generation and Transmission Planning
  • Distributed Energy Resources: Planning for High Penetrations
  • Future Grid: Distributed Energy Resources, Microgrids, Energy Storage, Demand Response and Dynamic Pricing, and Electric Vehicles
  • Fundamentals of Renewable Energy Systems

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