Additional information

Additional information

Consultants/instructors expertise

The faculty primarily consists of power systems and energy consultants from GE Energy. This highly experienced staff teaches courses related to each of their particular areas of expertise annually. Our consultants are actively utilizing their respected knowledge and experience in power system/energy studies every day with various global customers, understanding their problems while presenting them the best applicable solutions.

In comparison to other advanced level training and education programs, our expert team plays a key role in the strategic, economic and technical planning and evaluation of power systems, building cooperative strategies with our customers to create growth solutions.

Exclusive tours and visits

Several tours and presentations take place throughout the course increasing a participants understanding of subjects while exposing them to solutions discussed in class. Visits may include GE manufacturing facilities, research and development labs, an area wind farm, power plants and regional Independent System Operators.

Course materials and refreshments

For every PSEC class, we provide students with a flash drive to download course notes. While bringing your computer is not necessary, many courses use industry software applications on computers already set-up at our facility to enhance learning. In several of our courses, we provide students with new textbooks on subject matter taught in class.

We provide all students with “Meal Cards” that can be used at our cafeteria in our Energy Learning Center. Cards can be used at the discretion of the student prior to class, during lunch and when on break.


GE recommends that the engineer have an undergraduate technical degree and a minimum of three years’ experience with an electric utility, industrial, independent power producer, consulting firm or similar work assignment. Familiarity with mathematics to the level of differential equations is required. Most candidates average three to ten years’ experience. Some participants have had as much as 30 years of service.

Homework and exams

To efficiently utilize the students' time and reinforce the classroom learning process, homework assignments are given. Students can measure their progress through exams given at the completion of courses or team competitions, some involving computer simulations. A typical class day usually includes, problem-solving exercises, group discussions, or site visits/tours if applicable.


GE assists participants and their families in providing information for living accommodations and other interests in the local area. This information is beneficial for participants and their families getting settled once they arrive in Schenectady, NY. Daily refreshments and a complimentary cafeteria meal cards are provided for student lunches at the beginning of each class week. All other meal, travel and living costs are the responsibility of the participant.

J-1 Visa

The appropriate visa is a J-1 trainee for the participant and the J-2 for the accompanying family members (spouse and children). To start the process, complete the registration form and return it to the provided PSEC address on the registration form. If you are staying for two consecutive quarters or more and meet other qualifications, you will be sent a more detailed course application. If you meet the requirements, you will receive the DS-2019 so that you can obtain the proper visa. Passports must be valid six months after the J-1 visa expiration date.

Full time tuition

The tuition for the entire PSEC program is $29,000 USD. Fees include flash drives and textbooks. Meals, lodging and transportation are not included. Payments are due before or on the first day of class, with invoices provided upon request.

University graduate credit option

During their stay in Schenectady, students have earned graduate degrees. Prospective participants may contact universities and colleges for graduate credits for the program.


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For more information and to register for PSEC courses, please contact:

Power systems & energy course™ (PSEC)

General Electric International, Inc.

1 River Road, Schenectady, NY 12345

Telephone: (518) 362-6454