Sustainability, Climate Change, and Energy Policy Analysis

Drawing upon our knowledge of power system engineering and operations, our consultants develop analytical models and tools that reflect power system operations and practices. This assists our clients’ understanding of the impact of energy policy on the power marketplace.

We consider and analyze the effects of new policies and regulations that may alter the boundaries of traditional electric utilities, change the power system infrastructure, and increase system constraints in areas such as generating unit operations, fuel consumption, airborne emissions and power transmission.

Features and Benefits

  • Energy Policy Advisors: Renewable resource system integration studies; Implications of renewable energy portfolio standards on electric system planning & operations.
  • System Operators: Understanding the benefits, costs and impacts of renewable energy policies and variable generation on power system operations; Market design enhancements to better integrate renewable and thermal resources.
  • Power Generators, Project Developers, Investment Community: Implications of energy policies on the existing assets and infrastructure, on future system needs (reliability and operations) and opportunities for new investment.

Product and Service Offerings