Torsional Stress Relay

The Torsional Stress Relay (TSR) is a digital protective relay that continuously monitors the turbine generator shaft for torsional oscillations, and provides trip output contacts when shaft fatigue reaches predetermined levels. Torsional event data capture is also provided.

The TSR is an updated digital version of the proven GE SMF relay. GE technology has been used since 1976 to protect turbine-generators exposed to risk of harmful torsional interaction.

The TSR is a complete cabinet, suitable for a generating station relay room or other room with a reasonably controlled environment.

Typical connections are:

  • Inputs from dedicated magnetic speed pickup(s).
  • Status contact input from generator breaker(s).
  • Trip contact output(s).
  • Status/alarm output contacts for plant operators.
  • IRIG-B to synchronize the TSR’s SOE record.
  • Input power from 125Vdc station battery.
  • 120Vac for convenience usage.

Versions of the TSR are available that can protect more than one turbine-generator, for combined cycle plants or small units.