Grid Code Testing

Power Plant Testing

Grid Code Testing

Power Generation Equipment Model Validation and Dynamic Performance Evaluation

The Energy Consulting team offers generator owners a cost-effective means to meet regional (e.g. WECC) and national (e.g. NERC) model validation requirements.

Features and benefits

1. Clear and complete test planning.
2. Efficient in-plant test execution – proven track record with tests of hundreds of units (experience list available upon request).
3. Commitment to successful test completion while meeting other objectives, including on-time return to service.
4. Capability to test both GE and non-GE equipment.
5. Portable, easy to connect test instrumentation – unit outage typically not required.
6. Resulting dynamic models verified in relevant commercially available software package (e.g. PSLF or PSS/E).
7. Complete documentation of test approach, results and model verification in one concise, easy-to-read test report.
8. Final report and data files directly ready for regulatory submittal.


We offer steady-state and dynamic model validation for all prime mover types – gas turbine, steam turbine, hydro and other renewables.  Given the validated models provided by our test team, you’ll be well-positioned to:

1. Respond to regulatory modeling requirements.
2. Evaluate plant upgrade options.
3. Understand the capabilities and range of your equipment.

Product and Service Offerings


EC MVS-025
EC MVS-026
EC MVS-027