Annual Customer Appreciation Reception

Energy Consulting Annual Customer Appreciation Reception

Recently, GE Energy Consulting held the annual Customer Appreciation Reception at the IEEE PES General Meeting in Atlanta, GA on Wednesday, August 7 at the Hilton Atlanta - Nikolai's Roof.

This event was complimentary and provided a nopportunity to connect with members of the GE Energy Consulting team, GE colleagues, and with fellow industry colleagues at IEEE PES. 

If you have any questions regarding future networking events, please contact GE Energy Consulting today.
*This reception is considered a widely gathering event in which attendance is free for all participants. Food and beverage, at a approx. cost of $64.00 per person to be paid by GE, will be served and travel expenses to and from the reception must be covered by each government employee. Government employees may consult with its agency ethics official prior to attending the reception to confirm compliance with the rules set forth by the US Office of Government Ethics (OGE)”.