PSLF Training Courses 2020

The GE software team offers both custom and scheduled training classes for GE PSLF, including WebEx demonstrations and instructional sessions; hands-on classroom sessions; and annual user group meetings. The sessions are designed to help you unlock the full power of your investment in GE PSLF software products. Our training engineers have practical experience performing consulting services using GE PSLF software products, and many have been actively involved in the development of the tools. If you are interested in a custom or onsite training course outside of our normally scheduled courses, please contact us.

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PSLF Software Courses

GE's Positive Sequence Load Flow software (PSLF) is designed to provide comprehensive and accurate load flow, dynamic simulation and short circuit analysis. Using this tool, engineers can analyze transfer limits while performing economic dispatch. PSLF is ideal for simulating the transfer of large blocks of power across a transmission grid or for importing or exporting power to neighboring systems

*PSLF courses are approved by IEEE for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and Professional Development Hours (PDHs)

We offer hands-on classes that help you unlock the power of PSLF.

Prerequisites for all classes:

  • Background in power systems analysis
  • Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering or equivalent experience
  • Knowledge of a text editor such as Textpad
  • Familiarity with Microsoft®; Windows®
  • If you do not have a background in power systems analysis or stability, we offer both courses.

Prequisites for Mechanics of Running Dynamic Simulation course and Dynamic Simulation Applications using PSLF:

  • Some stability background and network analysis
  • Familiarity with generator/exciter/governor modeling


(All registrants must have a valid PSLF License to attend the PSLF Training classes)

PSLF Fundamentals & Mechanics of Steady State Analysis

Date: April 20-23, 2020

Location: Training to You, Phoenix, AZ 85004

Cost: $3,100 USD per student

Introduction to Power System Dynamic Simulation in PSLF

Date: May 19-21, 2020

Location: Training to YOU, Phoenix, AZ 85004

Cost: $2,400 USD per student

PSLF Fundamentals & Mechanics of Steady-State Analysis

Date: October 12-15, 2020

Location: Training to YOU, Phoenix, AZ 58004

Cost: $3,100 USD per student

Engineering Analysis for Dynamic Stability

Date: October 19-22, 2020

Location: Training to YOU, Phoenix, AZ 58004

Cost: $3,100 USD per student

EPCL Programming

Date: October 27-29, 2020

Location: Training to YOU, Phoenix, AZ 58004

Cost:$2,400 USD per student


Customized PSLF training available

Create your own Customized PSLF Training Course tailored to meet your specific needs. You provide the course outline and we'll design the course that best suits your needs.

Examples include:

  • Local HVDC Installation
  • Power Plant Equipment and Modeling
  • User Defined Models
  • Advanced Power Flow Data Analysis
  • Generator Testing & Model Validation
  • Model System Protection Correctly


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Engineering Analysis for
Dynamic Stability


EPCL Programming


Introduction to Power
System Dynamic
Simulations in PSLF


PSLF Fundamentals &
Mechanics of Steady-
State Analysis