Shruti Dwarkanath Rao

The challenges facing the industry today are extremely interesting with increasing renewable penetration. Ensuring stable operation and planning of the grid requires enhanced modeling of various power system components along with improved analysis capabilities, which I find very exciting and interesting.

GE Energy Consulting Since 2017

Skills and Expertise:

Shruti Dwarkanath Rao

Senior Engineer

About Shruti

Shruti Dwarkanath Rao joined GE Energy Consulting group in July 2017 as an application engineer and was promoted to senior engineer in 2019.  Her projects include adding new dynamic models to GE-PSLF, adding a modal identification tool along with a damping ratio calculator, unbalanced fault analysis capabilities, data assessment tools, improved PSS/E dynamic data importer. PSLF is a widely used tool for power-system stability analysis studies. She also instructs some of the PSLF courses on dynamics and bad data debugging, works on R&D and consulting projects and assists in PSLF customer support. She was also involved in performing some studies such as wind model validation and parameterization. She also performed studies for validating dynamic response of off-shore wind farms.

Her doctoral dissertation involved exploring the holomorphically embedded power flow (HEPF) method, guaranteed to converge to the operable power-flow solution with sufficient precision, and using it for steady-state, voltage-stability studies and network reduction. In 2013 Ms. Rao assumed management of a project for developing the Dynamic Loading of transformers Application (DLTA) tool, used to predict the maximum allowable load for a given transformer given the real-time load and ambient conditions, while ensuring that the insulation thermal limits are not violated.  The tool was released to the Salt River Project (SRP) in July 2017. 

Other work experience includes a 2016 internship at Argonne National Laboratory, where she added and validated dynamic models to their dynamic simulation software, (DSAT), and researched the planning practices and real-time domain reliability study practices of MISO, PJM-ISO, and California ISO.


  • Ph.D., (Electrical Engineering), Arizona State University, Tempe
  • M.S., (Electrical Engineering), Arizona State University, Tempe
  • B.Tech., (Electrical Engineering), Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute (VJTI), Mumbai, India


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