Electric power system engineering has always been a passion of mine and developed because of internship and co-op opportunities I had during my academic career. These experiences shaped my decision to pursue a career in power systems engineering.


GE Energy Consulting
Since 1999


About Joe

Joe Plewinski joined Energy Consulting as a Senior Engineer in 1999. His areas of focus include: grid-code compliance testing, frequency and voltage controls analysis, power system steady-state/ faulted system analysis, and dynamic performance. In his current role of Principal Engineer, he also focuses on generator testing/dynamic simulation model derivation, and analysis/testing of plant and turbine controls, excitation system controls, and Power System Stabilizer (PSS) applications.

Examples of recently executed projects that exercised the full range of grid compliance testing are Marafiq, IWPP in Jubail, Saudi Arabia (Eastern Region) where generator, excitation system, Power System Stabilizer, Gas Turbine and Plant Frequency response characteristics were assessed for compliance with the local grid code. The recorded compliance test data was then employed to validate the dynamic simulation models used by Saudi Electricity Company (SEC). The validated generator, excitation system, power system stabilizer, and governor models were then integrated into SEC’s transmission system stability assessment program and accepted as the latest system representation.

Further examples of Joe’s work on grid code compliance test projects are located in the UK where plants of up to 1200 MW were subjected to testing, including generator, excitation system, power system stabilizer (recently strengthened to incorporate overall generator and system transfer function testing), unit-level, and plant-level speed-load controls tests. The turbine and plant load regulator tests involved simulation of unit and plant response to frequency variations of up to +/- 2 Hz simulated frequency disturbances. In several projects mandated studies of power flow, power system stabilizer tuning, and load rejection were carried out to assist customers with National Grid UK compliance requirements.

Prior to joining GE, Joe was employed by Power Technologies, Inc. where his PTI team developed a computer-based training tool for power system operators and engineers. Prior to joining PTI in 1992, Joe was employed by the Metropolitan Edison Company as an Engineer in Substation Engineering and was later transferred to the System Operations Department, where he was involved in Met-Ed's first implementation of real-time network analysis and dispatcher training functions of the SCADA/Energy Management System.


  • MSc., Electric Power Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, (in progress)
  • B.S., Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1984
  • A.S., Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1982
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