GE Energy Consulting provides a platform to advance scientific research in the field of power transmission and to expand on this research by developing world class software designing safer electrical grid infrastructure across the world..


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Jay joined GE Energy Consulting in April 2017 as a senior engineer.  His projects include developing innovative solutions and user experience for GE PSLF and GE MAPS & GE MARS user interfaces. GE PSLF is a widely used tool for power-system stability analysis studies. Jay’s achievements include releasing new draw module in GE PSLF with drag & drop functionality and advanced editing capabilities. Also recent projects include development of advanced reporting features in GE MAPS&MARS user interface.

Jay joined GE in January 2008 and prior to his current role at GE Energy Consulting, he developed software tools for thermodynamic modeling of GE steam turbines and combined cycle power plants. Jay has won numerous GE internal awards for executing various innovations and process improvement projects. Jay also filed a number of software inventions which have been classified as trade secrets in GE intellectual property catalogue.

Apart from his work at GE, Jay is also a vice chair of ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineer)’s subcommittee on the Properties of Steam and responsible for implementing IAPWS thermodynamic property formulations in the United States.

Jay has been passionate about programming since high school. During his undergraduate and graduate studies in mechanical engineering, he always aimed to automate various engineering design processes by using low level programming languages like Q-Basic, C, C++ and After spending more than nine years in developing power-plant modelling software(s), now he has taken over challenges to do the same for the power transmission world. Jay recently shared, “Energy is the backbone of almost every system in the world; With rapid changes the in energy sector, it demands development of new software modules to keep up with new standards and technologies.” GE Energy Consulting provides Jay a platform to advance scientific research in the field of power transmission and to expand on this research by developing world class software designing safer electrical grid infrastructure across the world.


  • M. M.S., (Mechanical Engineering), Lamar University, Beaumont, TX
  • B.E., (Mechanical Engineering), North Gujarat University, Gujarat, India
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Neethu Abraham

Manager | Grid Code Compliance Testing

"The Generation Products and Services Team is part of Energy Consulting. Our team is actively engaged with thermal and renewable testing. We provide services to clients all over the US as well as internationally. "

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Baozhuang Shi

Senior Application Specialist

"Within GE Energy Consulting one of our areas of practice and expertise includes Generation Products & Services. My focus and expertise is grid code compliance testing and modeling throughout North America. I also support our regional teams around the world, and international projects on analytics of grid-interconnection + integration of renewables. "

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Joe Plewinski, Jr

Principal Engineer | Grid Code Compliance & Testing

"My focus is global grid code compliance consultation and testing. The bulk of my work has been in the UK, Ireland, Middle East, SE Asia, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and in the United States with NERC. "

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Paul Datka

Manager | Systems Engineering & Equipment Applications

"My primary area of work is in transient studies related to FACTS projects for both the GE FACTS business and utilities. Most of the studies are related to system analysis and equipment sizing. A majority of my projects are located in North America with occasional support outside of the region. "

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Shruti Dwarkanath Rao

Senior Engineer

"At GE Energy Consulting one of our practice areas includes expertise in Grid Planning Software. I am focused on our PSLF tool, which is used primarily for steady-state power flow analysis and time-domain power system dynamics studies. "

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Sudipta Dutta

Senior Engineer

"As a member of the Power Systems Operation & Planning team with a strong focus on Renewable Energy at GE Energy Consulting, we enable the interconnection of inverter-based resources such as wind plants, solar plants, and BESS with power grids. I work with renewable plant developers, system operators, transmission providers, and regulatory agencies in the U.S. and countries around the world. "

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Ankita Samui

Senior Engineer

"The increasing trend to RE-Integration, enhances uncertainty to the Power System. Through Generation & Transmission Planning, Reliability Analysis and Country-Specific Risk studies, I am constantly learning the Electricity Statistics of Regional (India) and Global Power markets due to RE-Integration. "

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Vlad Duboviks

Senior Engineer | Power Economics - Europe

"As a member of the Energy Consulting Power Economics team, I am focused on power production cost modeling and grid integration studies with our customers and partners in Europe and beyond. "

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