As a power systems engineer, working with my like-minded peers and being able to contribute value to our customers by enabling more renewable generation, and making electric power more sustainable and reliable, always inspires and drives my daily work.


GE Energy Consulting
Since 2005


About Baozhuang

Dr. Shi joined GE Energy Consulting as a Principal Engineer in 2005. His role is providing technical advisory services in grid-integration of renewables, model validation and T&D related areas.

Since 2005, Dr. Shi has been involved in integrating high penetrations of wind and/or solar power into electric power grids. He has focused on addressing the challenges of integrating large-scale wind/solar generation into China’s power grid. He also has extensive consulting experience in T&D and was involved in several projects such as Developing National Technical Standards for Grid Interconnection of Distributed Renewable Energy and Microgrid (a consulting project for the China Renewable Energy Scale-up Program), Smart Grid Distribution and Power Utilization Technology Energy Efficient Smart Grid Standards (a consulting project for State Grid Funded by USTDA), and Grid Integration of High Penetration of Renewables for Qinghai Province. In addition, Dr. Shi worked with CEPRI as a consultant on several renewables studies including Grid Operation with Large Amounts of Wind Generation in Western Inner-Mongolia, and Northwest Wind Penetration Study. He helped CEPRI in developing dynamic models for wind plants in PSD-BPA for power systems simulations. Dr. Shi’s expertise extends to the area of sub-synchronous resonance, having participated in the first SSR solution project in China.

Dr. Shi’s work experience prior to joining GE includes Chief Engineer at Longyuan-Zhiguang Electrical Co., Research Associate at Arizona State University, and Senior Engineer at Guangdong Electric Power Research Institute. He has extensive experience in high-voltage testing, fast transient overvoltages, online insulation monitoring and diagnosis, instrumentation, etc.


  • Ph.D. E.E., Xi'an Jiaotong University, Xi’an, China
  • B.S. E.E., Xi'an Jiaotong University, Xi’an China
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