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a core group of leading GE technical and business experts has focused its energies on solving the electric power industry’s most pressing challenges—driving the evolution of electric power systems with greater affordability, reliability, and efficiency. Today, GE’s Energy Consulting team continues this tradition by providing innovative solutions across the entire spectrum of power generation, delivery, and utilization. With our cross-company resources, GE’s Energy Consulting business is able to serve a diverse global client base with a strong local presence.


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At GE, our people are our greatest asset. We’d like you to meet just a few of our employees from around the globe and discover what it’s like working at GE.

  • Within Energy Consulting one of our practice areas includes Power Economics. I am focused on projects throughout the world including, Malaysia, Canada, New Jersey and New York. Our team provides policy, planning and investment decision expertise to help our customers make complex energy asset decisions while reducing potential risks. We also provide solutions for strategic planning decisions in today's uncertain world.

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  • As a member of Energy Consulting's Power Economics team, I am focused on Off-shore Wind (Generation & Transmission) Development, On-shore Wind, and Battery Storage Pre-FEED Feasibility Analysis (technical & economic).

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  • At GE Energy Consulting one of our practice areas includes expertise in Grid Planning Software. I am focused on our PSLF tool, which is used primarily for steady-state power flow analysis and time-domain power system dynamics studies.

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  • As a member of the Energy Consulting Power Economics team, I am focused on power production cost modeling and grid integration studies with our customers and partners in Europe and beyond.

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  • My focus is global grid code compliance consultation and testing. The bulk of my work has been in the UK, Ireland, Middle East, SE Asia, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and in the United States with NERC.

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  • My primary area of work is in transient studies related to FACTS projects for both the GE FACTS business and utilities. Most of the studies are related to system analysis and equipment sizing. A majority of my projects are located in North America with occasional support outside of the region.

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  • The Generation Products and Services Team is part of Energy Consulting. Our team is actively engaged with thermal and renewable testing. We provide services to clients all over the US as well as internationally.

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