Grid Code Testing
Power generation equipment model validation and dynamic performance evaluation

Grid Code Testing


NERC Model Verification Service

Power Generation Equipment Model Validation and Dynamic Performance Evaluation

The Energy Consulting team offers generator owners a cost-effective means to meet regional (e.g. WECC) and national (e.g. NERC) model validation requirements.

Features and benefits

1. Clear and complete test planning.
2. Efficient in-plant test execution – proven track record with tests of hundreds of units (experience list available upon request).
3. Commitment to successful test completion while meeting other objectives, including on-time return to service.
4. Capability to test both GE and non-GE equipment.
5. Portable, easy to connect test instrumentation – unit outage typically not required.
6. Resulting dynamic models verified in relevant commercially available software package (e.g. PSLF or PSS/E).
7. Complete documentation of test approach, results and model verification in one concise, easy-to-read test report.
8. Final report and data files directly ready for regulatory submittal.


We offer steady-state and dynamic model validation for all prime mover types – gas turbine, steam turbine, hydro and other renewables.  Given the validated models provided by our test team, you’ll be well-positioned to:

1. Respond to regulatory modeling requirements.
2. Evaluate plant upgrade options.
3. Understand the capabilities and range of your equipment.

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